D & C

Distributed & Cloud Computing Lab

The Distributed & Cloud Computing LabD&C Lab, currently directed by professor Heonchang Yu, was established in 1998 as a one of the most pioneer laboratories in distributed computing areas located at Korea University. Over the past decades, D&C lab researchers have made valuable contribution in a wide range of distributed computing research such as mobile computing, fault tolerant systems, peer to peer computing, grid computing and cloud computing.

Currently, our lab serves as the focal point for research on Cloud Computing including data management, mobility management, fault tolerant and dependable services, overlay network construction, checkpoint, spot instance management of virtual machines, cost-efficient scheduling algorithms, replication of resources etc.

Recent News

KIPS 2020 Spring

Yonghyeon Jang (M.S. student) presented his paper “Analysis of task processing performance depending on the host memory load of the system using the docker in the KVM virtual machine” at the Domestic Conference on Korea Information Processing Society (KIPS 2020).

KIPS 2020 Spring

Jinwon Jeong (M.S. student) presented his paper “Measuring Performance Interference on Memory Resources between Containers in Docker Swarm” at the Domestic Conference on Korea Information Processing Society (KIPS 2020).

Seunghyun Hwang (M.S. student) poses in front of his poster.

Seunghyun Hwang (M.S. student) presented his poster “Efficient State Maintenance in Serverless-based Workflow Using Host Storage”, at the 3rd International conference on Interdisciplinary research on Computer Science, Psychology, and Education (ICICPE 2019).

Seunghyun Hwang (M.S. student), Minsu Kwon (M.S. student) and Jaehak Lee (Ph.D student) are posing with MOU agreements.
Signed MOU for autonomous driving R&D

Our laboratory has signed an MOU to cooperate with platform development specialist ATG Lab (CEO Jinyong Jeong) and connected car communication technology specialist ETTIFOS (CEO Yongje Lim) to develop systems and services for autonomous driving.

Seunghyun Hwang (M.S. student) poses in front of his poster.

Seunghyun Hwang (M.S. student) presented his poster “Implementation of Low-latency Message Delivery for Serverless based Workflow”, at the 16th IEEE International Conference on Mobile Ad-Hoc and Smart Systems (IEEE MASS 2019). He also won the “Best Poster Award Runner-up”.

BCCA 2019

Minsu Kwon (M.S. student) presented his paper “Performance Improvement of Ordering and Endorsement Phase in Hyperledger Fabric”, at the International Symposium on Blockchain Computing and Applications (BCCA 2019).

Jaehak Lee (Ph.D student) is presenting his paper.
IDCS 2019

Jaehak Lee (Ph.D student) presented his paper “NIOECM: A Network I/O Event Control Mechanism To Provide Fairness of Network”, at the 12th International Conference on Internet and Distributed Computing Systems (IDCS 2019).

PAAP 2018

Bongwoo Bak (M.S. student) presented his paper “A Scheduler Considering Characteristics of VM for Mitigation of Unstable Performance”, at the 9th International Symposium on Parallel Architectures, Algorithms and Programming (PAAP 2018).